We aim for the superior quality! Through the years we have used different models of vehicles and we have been selecting the ones that perform best.

In our Scooter Rental Fleet, we have more than 10 different models ranging from 50cc to 600cc from which our guests can choose.

For the Off-road Guided Tours, our choices for ATVs went for the Kawasaki Brute Force and the SYM Quadlander 300CC engine and we have more than 20 units between them and for UTVs we opted for the CFMoto ZForce 550CC engine with more than 10 units. The machines are of superior quality and perfect for those looking for comfort and easy handling while driving in the countryside of the Algarve.

All the quads and buggies are factory-made double seat with plenty of room for 2 people each, a great suspension designed for your safety and to minimize body roll.

Transmission is fully automatic, which makes the bikes very easy to use and a very strong engine break.

Our UTVs are both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive, you will have to change between drives during the tour depending on the terrain we are crossing. Once in the hills and valleys, we switch from high gears to low gears, giving the machine more torque, for a slower and smoother ride up the elevations.

We take pride in having all our fleet professionally maintained and regularly inspected. We do our best to keep them inspected and in top conditions for your safety and comfort.


SYM Orbit II - 50cc

SYM Fiddle II - 50cc

SYM Symphony - 125cc

SYM Fiddle III - 125cc

SYM Joymax - 125cc Premium

SYM GTS 300 - 300cc Premium

MAXSYM GTS 600 - 600cc Premium


KAWASAKI Brute Force - 300cc


CFMOTO 550 ZFORCE - 550cc

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