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Everyone is different and companies count on team building in order to boost productivity and achieve success. However, with so many different personalities in a workplace environment, it can sometimes be quite difficult for everyone to work together cohesively.

That’s where our team building activities come in.

By pushing boundaries, encouraging relationships and working together to meet an objective in a carefully structured and fun filled event, you can build the foundations for an efficient, more productive and successful business.

At Algarve Riders we can tailor our team building programs to match your company’s needs and objectives with specified outcomes. We don’t impose solutions. When combined with expert feedback and facilitation from our trainers, this creates a powerful method of transferring learning back to the workplace.

You’ll be in good hands with us. Part of the reason for our success is that we offer bespoke corporate team building activities to meet your needs based on desired outcomes.

Our team building & corporate activities can be tweaked in order to improve specific skills and requirements or to ensure you just have a fun event. Our most popular activities such as Leisure & Olympic Games, Boot Camp "Meet the Commander" & Sports Challenges are designed to improve:

               • Effective communication and listening

               • Trust within the team

               • Support

               • Goal setting

               • Interaction and Collaboration

               • Shared responsibility

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford

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Not sure what you want to target?

Don’t worry, we have programs in place that can help to highlight strengths and weaknesses of employees and teams alike. Alternatively, you can just book a fun event such an office away day.

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